Frequently Asked Questions

What size Carp are in the lake?

At the moment we cannot say for sure, with the lake being new and relatively un-fished we believe there are a few surprises to be had as the few anglers we have had fishing have reported seeing large carp. We are updating the Carp files as and when they are caught.

We will be stocking 60 new carp in December 2024 some of which are over 50lb

Can I bring a child under 16?

Sure. You are more than welcome to bring a child aged 12-16

Can I change my trip date?

Absolutely! You can change this however this can only be done up to 12 weeks prior to your arrival

Is there bait available on site?

Yes, we stock a large selection of Mainline Baits as well as house pellet, please check our available bait stock before you travel HERE

Do you offer any food package?

Not yet! At the moment we are unable to supply any food package. Please bring your own.

There are plenty of local shops near by also a McDonalds, KFC & Burger King

Can I request a refund?

As per our Refund Policy we do not offer refunds on lake bookings, we will however move your booking to a later date if you are outside of the 12 week rule.

How far is the lake from Calais?

The Carp Tank is an easy drive and just one straight motorway for 2.5 hours (A26 to Reims the A4 to Junction 24) then a short 50-60 minute drive from there

Is the lake weedy?

NO! The Carp Tank is relatively weed free with only low lying blanket weed on the more shallower areas this is easily visable in the crystal clear water.

What other species are in the lake?

The other species include: Grass carp (very few), Pike, Silvers & Perch.

Do I need my own carp care?

Nets, Mats & Slings are provided please do not bring your own.

A £50 REFUNDABLE deposit is required when you arrive and is given back to you when you leave as long as all our equipment is kept in good order.