Venue Rules


We understand your on your Carp fishing holiday in France but here you will find our list of rules that all carp anglers must adhere to while fishing The Carp Tank.


  1. 3 rod limit per person, fishing only 1 swim at any one time from designated swims shown on the map.
  2. Micro barbed hooks only, minimum size 4.
  3. No long shank or bent hooks
  4. Minimum 0.35 mono/flouro or braided mainline to be used.
  5. No fixed leads , we highly recommend dropping the lead.
  6. Nets, mats, slings and weigh crooks are supplied on site. Please do not bring your own, this includes tripods – they will not be permitted. €50 refundable deposit payable on arrival.
  7. No unattended rods under any circumstances.
  8. Every angler must have their own fish care kit.
  9. When transferring fish from the lake to unhooking mat please do this in a weigh sling, do not lift the fish in the net.
  10. No sacking of fish.
  11. No zigs or surface fishing. No One More Cast "Twig"!!!
  12. No fish to leave the water without a bailiff present, all fish to be weighed and photographed by the bailiff, no matter how small.
  13. Any fish likely to be near or over 50lb are not to leave the water under any circumstances. Please call the bailiff anytime day or night to assist with weighing and photography.
  14. Anyone seen pulling for a break will be asked to leave immediately, in the event you become snagged please call the bailiff 24/7.
  15. Bait boats are permitted this will be a trial run for 2024/25 only.
  16. All particle and nuts are banned, only house pellet and frozen boilie to be used.
  17. Strictly no natural baits, this includes maggots,casters and worms.
  18. House pellet and frozen boilies only, no other bait is to be used.
  19. No open fires. BBQ's are permitted if they are kept off the grass.
  20. All rubbish is to be taken home.
  21. Only fish in your water, respect other anglers boundaries.
  22. Please keep noise to a minimum, respect the venue and other anglers.
  23. All vehicles must be parked in the designated area once unloaded this is to ensure traffic around the lake is kept to a minimum and to maintain the green areas. 
  24. Last but not least......Enjoy your holiday!

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